Metric Steel Countersunk Head Self-Drilling Screws with Pin Recess T-Drive

2023-04-11 07:04:29 By : Mr. Jack Wang
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When it comes to construction and home improvement, fasteners play a critical role in ensuring that building materials remain secure and safe. One popular type of fastener is the Countersunk Head Pin Recess T Drive Self Drilling Screw. These screws are known for their reliability and durability, making them a preferred choice for many builders and homeowners.
Countersunk Head Pin Recess T Drive Self Drilling Screw

Countersunk Head Screw

The Countersunk Head Screw is a type of screw that has a tapered head with a flat top. This design allows the screw to sit flush with the surface it is attached to, providing a smooth, clean finish. The typical use for Countersunk Head Screws is in wood applications, where a countersink bit is used to drill the hole and sink the screw head below the surface.

Self Drilling Screw

Self Drilling Screws are designed to drill their own hole, saving the user time and effort. These screws have a special drill bit at the tip that eliminates the need for pre-drilling. This allows the screw to cut through materials such as wood or metal, making it the perfect choice for DIY projects.

Pin Recess

The Pin Recess is a small hollowed-out area at the head of the screw, allowing for easy insertion and removal. This design also provides a secure grip for the drill bit or screwdriver, ensuring that the screw stays in place during installation.

T Drive

T Drive refers to the shape of the grooves on the screw's head. The T-shape allows for a better grip, reducing the risk of slipping during installation. This design feature also allows for more torque, making it easier to drive the screw into hard materials like steel.

Metric Sizes

Metric Sizes refer to the measurement system used to determine the size of screws. In metric measurements, screw size is determined by the thread diameter and pitch, as well as the length of the screw. It is essential to choose the right size screw for your project to ensure stability and safety.

Steel Material

The Steel Material used for screws is known for its strength and durability. Steel screws are most commonly used in construction and home improvement projects, as they can withstand the weight and pressure of building materials.


Countersunk Head Pin Recess T Drive Self Drilling Screws in metric sizes and steel material are readily available in many hardware and home improvement stores. They come in various sizes, making them versatile for different projects. It is essential to choose the right size and type of screw for your project to ensure safety and stability.

In conclusion, the Countersunk Head Pin Recess T Drive Self Drilling Screw is a reliable and durable fastener that is perfect for home improvement and construction projects. Its design features allow for easy installation, a secure grip, and efficient drilling. With its availability in various metric sizes and steel material, it is easy to find the right screw for your project. So, next time you are in need of a fastener, consider the Countersunk Head Pin Recess T Drive Self Drilling Screw for a hassle-free and secure installation.